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@ObGynAdvance: Meet the new Edior-in-Chief of Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology @ProfAsmaKhalil gynaecology/about/announcements#appointment-of-professor-asma-khalil-as-new-editor-in-chief
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Another @TwinsTrust webinar happening tomorrow. Sign up here:
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Very successful hybrid fetal medicine meeting organised by FMFLA academy. Great to discuss TTTS and TAPS. And what a great last session focusing on fetal growth restriction and CPR Congratulations to Renato for an excellent meeting. Thank you for inviting me.
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What a lovely video of the parents’ journey going through a twin pregnancy complicated by TTTS, laser surgery and several hospital appointments!! And the reward at the end; 2 adorable healthy babies! Many congratulations and well done!
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What a fantastic @ISUOG course on preterm birth! Loved the discussion and enjoyed lecturing on ‘preterm birth in twin pregnancy’ & sharing recommendations from our recently published guideline.
Well done to Fabricio and Conrado for organising this successful course.
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Really pleased to alert you to the most recent ISUOG guideline on the
role of ultrasound in the prediction of spontaneous preterm birth we have just published. I hope that you find it useful.
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@PeckTwins: Such an amazing course delivered by @ProfAsmaKhalil, if you are a health professional and have an interest in multiple pregnancies you can find recordings of all our study days and webinars on the Healthcare Professionals section of our website
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@EibhlinHealy: Super day brushing up on managing twins in labour @STGMaternity with @ProfAsmaKhalil, Mr Austin Ugwumadu and colleagues. Great evidenced based and hands on-teaching @TwinsTrust.
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More from the ‘Achieving competency in intrapartum care of twin pregnancy’ course 😃
Very rewarding Sunday running the ‘Achieving competency in intrapartum care of twin pregnancy’. First time the course was a hybrid event; definitely the way forward.

Loved hearing how much the delegates enjoyed the course. Thank you to all those contributed to its success.
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@HShehata77: Our important paper on thrombophilia and recurrent miscarriages published on BMJ open. We have categorically found that there is no link between hereditary thrombophilia, APS and recurrent miscarriage. @mandyalidev @nelson_piercy @ProfAsmaKhalil @ProfBasky
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Delighted to be part of this Documentary ‘Unvaccinated’; airing on Wednesday 20th July 9pm on BBC 2.
Really looking forward to watching it.
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The U.K. government recommends COVID-19 booster this autumn for pregnant women.
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Achieving competency in intrapartum management of multiple pregnancy. A brilliant opportunity for trainees and midwifery colleagues to learn the skills for the intrapartum care of multiple pregnancies.

Register using the link below or scan this QR code
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Congratulations to the Brazilian Fetal Medicine Society (SOBRAMEF) & the Brazilian Ultrasound (SBUS) for organising the 8th International Symposium on Fetal Medicine. Fantastic programme! Thank you for inviting me to lecture on 'Twin Pregnancy: How to optimise their outcomes?'
Excellent webinar on the management of monkeypox organised by the College of Clinician Scientists, Academy of Medicine. Thank you for inviting me to talk on ‘Monkeypox in pregnancy’. What a great discussion. Congratulations!
I am very grateful to all of them for their support and dedication. Congratulations 👏

What a fantastic achievement! (3/3)
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Setting up the Laser fetal therapy service at @LiverpoolWomens Hospital involved a large team of midwives, fetal medicine doctors, obstetricians, neonatologists, theatre staff and Anaethetists, as well as the management and executive teams. (2/3)
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Very humbled to receive the Excellence in Innovation and Research award at the Dedicated to Excellence Awards 2022 this evening. (1/3)
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Delighted to share with you our article published at the Lancet Global Heath ‘Monkeypox vaccines in pregnancy: lessons must be learned from COVID-19’
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Low CPR, regardless of the fetal size, is an independent predictor of stillbirth and adverse neonatal outcome. Obstetricians should consider low CPR at term as an indication for delivery or close monitoring.
Amazing results (presented at the FMF meeting) from level 1 evidence randomised controlled trial that the use of cerebroplacental ratio (CPR) at term is useful. It reduces the risk of adverse outcome by >30%.
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The FERN study is a multicentre study to determine if it is feasible to conduct a randomised control trial (RCT) of active intervention versus expectant management in monochorionic twin pregnancies with early-onset selective fetal growth restriction.
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We have launched the FERN twin study.

FERN: Intervention or Expectant Management for Early Onset Selective Fetal Growth Restriction in Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy
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Great to contribute to the plenary session at the XXVIII European Congress of perinatal medicibe with nearly 1000 delegates. Enjoyed lecturing on ‘complications of monochorionic twins’. Thank you for inviting me and congratulations on the success of the conference.
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@sophie_relph: Thanks to everyone involved in the #DESiGNtrial including the CI @DharmintraP and (those on Twitter) @SandallJane @ProfAsmaKhalil @Christoph_Lees @Annette66849481 @OBSevidence @ProfBasky @DeborahLawlor2 and the funders @tommys @SandsUK & GST Charity.
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We have published the results of the DESiGN trial.

Evaluation of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) for antenatal detection of small for gestational age: The DESiGN cluster randomised trial.
Hope you enjoy reading it.
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@tapssupport: Amazing news out of Liverpool this morning - thank you @ProfAsmaKhalil and @LiverpoolWomens!

#tapssupport #tapsisreal #ttts #lasersurgery
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@cjd77uk: The Fetal Medicine Team are outstanding. Led by Prof Khalil @ProfAsmaKhalil they are providing world class services to the North of England and beyond.
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@LorraineDevereu: @cjd77uk @LiverpoolWomens @ProfAsmaKhalil They are outstanding. Our baby granddaughter (to be delivered this Thursday) and Mum have been closely monitored by the Fetal Medicine team and given the best care and attention possible. We'll always be grateful to the Women's and to all who work in our NHS.
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We could not achieve this fantastic outcome without the team efforts; the doctors & midwives at the Fetal medicine unit, the amazing obstetric/neonatal teams & the senior executive team for their vision and leadership support. Thank you all. Proud to be a member of the team.
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@LiverpoolWomens: Lifesaving surgery performed on unborn twins

A local couple are the first patients in the Northwest in recent years to receive lifesaving surgery at Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust on their unborn babies whilst still in the womb. Full story here
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Fantastic for our paper to have this great recognition, popularity and wide implementation! Proud to be a member of the team working hard to produce the ISUOG guideline on ‘ultrasound assessment of fetal biometry and growth’.
More than 1000 delegates registering for the ‘Ultrasound in Multiple Pregnancies’ webinar. Great talks by prof Monique Haak and prof Frank Bahlmann. Fantastic engagement from the delegates; soo many questions. Thank you!
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Enjoyed the ‘Wrap up of the day’ discussion with Susan Ward, Andrew Sizer and @jayghosh27 at the RCOG World Congress in London.
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Very proud of my fellow Dr Smriti Prasad presenting one of the top abstracts at the @RCObsGyn World Congress in London. Well done! Proud of you.
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Delighted that so many colleagues were interested in my talk on ‘Is early induction the solution to address inequalities and adverse pregnancy outcomes?’. Great discussion. We need a concerted action which involves clinicians, public health professionals as well as politicians.
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What a great start of the @RCObsGyn World Congress in London today! Really enjoyed sharing our NMPA work on ‘Innovations in audit’ and the discussion afterwards at the ‘Clinical Quality’ session.
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What an honour to be invited to give the State of Art Lecture ‘Fetal growth restriction in twins vs singletons’ at the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine. Thank you.
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Really enjoyed the session on ‘Pregnancy Hypertensive Disorders’ at the 10th World Congress of of Perinatal Medicine. Thank you for inviting me to talk on ‘White Coat Hypertension in Pregnancy’.
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‘Monkeypox and pregnancy: what do obstetricians need to know?’

‘Monkeypox and pregnancy: what do obstetricians need to know?’
We published this article with some useful guidance on counselling, diagnosis and management of monkeypox (suspected or confirmed) in pregnancy. I hope that you find the article useful.
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The evidence is very reassuring on the benefits of the covid-19 vaccine in pregnancy, both to the mother and baby. Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy was associated with 15% reduction in stillbirth.
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Our paper on 'Group B streptococcus infection during pregnancy and infancy: estimates of regional and global burden' has been published at Lancet Global Health. (2/2)
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It is estimated that in 2020 approximately 20 million pregnant women had rectovaginal colonisation with GBS, 40,500 maternal iGBS cases and 46,200 GBS stillbirths. Focused efforts are needed to support the development of the GBS vaccine. (1/2)
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Really good opportunity for doctors interested in fetal medicine and fetal surgery. @LiverpoolWomens
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I look forward to seeing you at the @TwinsTrust centre for Research & clinical excellence webinar today. There will be a video demonstration of Fetoscopic treatment in a triplet pregnancy with selective fetal growth restriction & great discussion.
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What a great session this morning at the @RCObsGyn Fetal Medicine and High Risk Pregnancy. Great talks on fetal anaemia and infections, including COVID-19. Thank you for inviting me. Great programme. Congratulations to Nigel Simpson, Alec McEwan and Myles Taylor.
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What a start of the second day of the @ISUOG course on fetal anomalies! Discussing renal and bladder anomalies with the experts. Amazing!
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Huge thanks to all the speakers and panels of the second half of the first day of the @ISUOG course on fetal anomalies. Great talks, excellent speakers and panelists and interactive audience. What could be better?!!
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@rjpgc: ISUOG - fetal anomalies: genetics and prenatal interventions. @ProfAsmaKhalil

Amazing presentations. Delighted to be asked to contribute to the panel discussion. CPAMS / CDH / hydrous and effusions
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What a great start of the first day of the @ISUOG course on fetal anomalies. Really interactive panel discussion. Thank you to all who participated!! See you soon at the next session
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@SpringerRepro: Are you looking for a comprehensive update on the #management of #multiple #pregnancy? Don't miss this new book by Khalil, Lewi, Lopriore #twins #springer
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@peteluthertv: What's been going on in my life to stop me doing YouTube, or pretty much anything! Check out this clip or watch the whole thing here :

@TAPStwinsmum @ProfAsmaKhalil @StGeorgesTrust
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@TAPStwinsmum: Talking about the wonderful team @StGeorgesTrust @ProfAsmaKhalil @TwinsTrust who saved my boys and how I felt after the operation #tapsawareness #raisingawareness 💙💙
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@nicolamlow: "Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness and perinatal outcomes of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy" Link to article @NatureComms @ProfAsmaKhalil
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@VikiLovesFACS: Shoutout to @ProfAsmaKhalil and her team for doing this very important work.
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@FetalUltrasound: Watch this video, in which @ProfAsmaKhalil and I explain why COVID-19 vaccines remain recommended during pregnancy
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@RCObsGyn: Learn about the latest developments in fetal anomalies and disorders at this year's Fetal Medicine and High Risk Pregnancy course.
Join globally renowned experts, including @ProfAsmaKhalil, at the event from 16-18 May and book your place today:
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@ISUOG: Only three days to go until our upcoming Fetal Anomalies course. Co-Chair Prof. Simon Meagher shares this fascinating video clip of live scans covered in day two of the course. Book your place today. #ISUOGEducation @ProfAsmaKhalil
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@ISUOG: In advance of our forthcoming Fetal Anomalies course on May 14-15, Co-Chair Prof Simon Meagher shares this fascinating video clip of live scans illustrating abnormalities featured on Day 1. Register: #ISUOGEducation #ISUOG #LoveUltrasound @ProfAsmaKhalil
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Delighted to share with you the findings of our recent NMPA study following on from the @DOckendenLtd report.

Hospitals with a higher induction rate had a lower risk of adverse perinatal outcomes. A similar association was not found for emergency Caesarean section.
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@WellbeingHarris: Wishing all the wonderful midwives around the world a Happy International Day of the Midwife #IDM2022💜A special mention to @LiverpoolWomens midwives and all those involved with @fern1study @PlanesStudy thanks for all that you do💜@ProfAsmaKhalil @asharpliverpool @livuniHLS
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@StGeorgesUni: Today is International Day of the Midwife!

@ProfAsmaKhalil (who you may have seen on @Channel4's BAFTA and RTS Awards nominated programme Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles) works closely with midwives at @StGeorgesTrust. 1/3
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@TAPStwinsmum: Please help me raise awareness and share hope ❤️TAPS- Twin Anaemia Polycythemia Sequence 💙💙 @ProfAsmaKhalil @StGeorgesTrust @TwinsTrust @tapssupport
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Our documentary ‘Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles’ – Wonderhood Studios/Channel 4 was nominated for the BAFTA television awards. 🤩

Amazing achievement!
Very popular second session focusing on COVID-19 in pregnancy and COVID vaccination. Very interactive with many questions from the delegates. Great talk by Pat O’Brien on the treatment of COVID-19 in pregnancy
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Very interesting first session on Day 2 of the Maternal Fetal Medicibe meeting on ‘Fetal ultrasound’. Talking on TAPS. Great talks by Rabih Chaoui!
Really enjoyed lecturing at and Co- chairing the session on fetal infections with Professor Rabih Chaoui. Interesting discussion and engagement from the audience.
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The future is the use of point of care ultrasound combined with artificial intelligence. Take a look at this study published at NEJM ‘AI Estimation of Gestational Age from Blind Ultrasound Sweeps in Low-Resource Settings’.
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@TAPStwinsmum: The next part of the amazing film by Nosy. One reason why it’s so important to talk about TAPS. It is still not routinely screened for! This must change! If our boys hadn’t had a size difference they wouldn’t have checked. We would have lost them. @ProfAsmaKhalil @tapssupport
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Book Launch:

TAPS, Identical Twins and Covid: A Story of Surviving
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What a fantastic @ISUOG session and Round Table Discussion: The potential impact of ultrasound in low resource settings!

Great discussion on the use and misuse of point of care (handheld) uss, opportunities and challenges in LMIC. Pleasure to co-chair it with Dr Hadiza Galadanci
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Can you help Nichola Luther raise £2200 to help send a book to every neonatal and fetal medicine unit in the country of which there are 220.. Please donate to their JustGiving Crowdfunding Page:
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Really pleased that our documentary ‘Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles’ was nominated for the Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards.
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We are about to start the session on congenital CMV infection. I look forward to seeing you.
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Despite the uptake of COVID-19 vaccine by pregnant women has increased (½ in the UK have received at least 1 dose) it remains low. Ethnic & socioeconomic inequality persists with lower uptake among BAME & those from deprived background.
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What a great start to the 8th International Congenital CMV Conference this year with a session engaging the public to raise awareness of congenital CMV infection.
You can register (free) using this link. I look forward to seeing you virtually.

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@RoySocMed: Thanks for joining us @ProfAsmaKhalil and all who attended our webinar with @TwinsTrust. 👶 👶

@mybitbaby @AhmedinDr @NandaSurabhi @Mark_D_Kilby @tapssupport @ShaunaLeven
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@TAPStwinsmum: Please help me raise awareness. Share hope and raise money. 💙💙

TAPS, Identical Twins and Covid- a story of surviving. OUT NOW @StGeorgesTrust @ProfAsmaKhalil @TwinsTrust @tapssupport @scbuiow @UHSFT
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@tapssupport: Thanks @TwinsTrust and @RoySocMed for a fantastic webinar tonight on the complications of #monochorionictwins. Was great to hear not only our patron Prof. Lopriore speak, but also @ProfAsmaKhalil and @Mark_D_Kilby and those important patient perspectives! #tapssupport #tapsisreal
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What a great webinar organised by the @RoySocMed and the @TwinsTrust on multiple pregnancy. Thank you for inviting me to talk on twin to twin Transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Excellent chairing by Shauna Leven and fantastic speakers.
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Delighted to invite you to the twin and multiple pregnancy event at the Royal Society of Medicine ‘Medicine & Me: Multiple pregnancies, complications & treatments’. I will be sharing with you some of the content of our recent publications on TTTS.
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Mother-to-child transmission of SARS-CoV-2 has been controversial. Our living systematic review & meta-analysis has just been published in BMJ. Transmission has been confirmed, although it is rare, & is more likely when the maternal COVID-19 is severe.
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Congratulations to Asma Khalil and Basky Thilaganathan of St George's University Hospital (@StGeorgesTrust).

#GG2Awards #GG2Finalist

Join us for the GG2 Awards: ❤️
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@HyperAHA: Oral antihypertensives for non-severe pregnancy hypertension - systematic review, network meta- and trial sequential analyses @profAsmaKhalil @pvondadelszen @LauraAMagee1
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@TwinsTrust: It’s the start of a new chapter for twin mum Nichola Luther, who has published her first book, TAPS, Identical Twins & Covid – A Story of Surviving today on International TAPS Day. Find out more here: @TAPStwinsmum #tapsday #tapsawareness


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