London Stock Exchange

It was a fantastic privilege to be invited as part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) the market opening ceremony at the London Stock Exchange.  Amongst the invitees were the Rt Hon Matt Hancock, Secretary of State and Professor Stephen Powis (National Medical Director).

The NIA is a national accelerator offering a unique dual focus on personal development for individuals and bespoke support to spread their high impact, evidence-based innovations – recognising that both are critical to scaling in the NHS. Since launching in July 2015, the NIA has supported 36 dedicated individuals (‘Fellows’) representing 37 innovations. Its successes to date include: £12M savings to England’s health and care system from the first 17 year one innovations; 1,483 additional NHS sites using NIA innovations; £60M external funding raised; 257 new jobs created; 55 awards won; 23 NIA innovations selling internationally.

The NIA is committed to real-world knowledge sharing; capturing Fellows’ insight learning and expertise on how to spread innovation across the NHS in England. The NIA’s Market Open Ceremony will mark the launch of its year three learning and research output: how and why NHS organisations adoption innovation. This pioneering report recognises and celebrates some of the early adopter NHS organisations across England, sharing learning and understanding as to what’s needed to drive uptake and adoption of innovation in the NHS; including risk-management, funding and challenges around implementation.