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St George’s supports world-first maternity project

St George’s supports world-first maternity project

A pioneering project working with mothers of twins, triplets and more has reduced the number of caesarean sections and admissions to hospital during pregnancy.

The Twins, Triplets and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) led a three year maternity engagement project, with Professor Asma Khalil, Consultant Obstetrician and our Multiple Birth Lead at St George’s, chairing the programme.

The project was launched following excellent results at St George’s after following NICE (National Institute for Care and Excellence) guidance for the past seven years.

The programme worked with 30 maternity units across England to ensure mums expecting twins, triplets or more are treated in line with the NICE multiple pregnancy guidance. In a year, the programme saw 200 fewer neonatal admissions and 105 fewer emergency caesarean sections in a year.

Based on figures from St George’s, if all maternity units in England followed Tamba’s maternity engagement project and implemented similar changes, within a year neonatal admissions in multiples could be reduced by 1,308 and emergency caesarean sections could be reduced by 634, which would save the NHS £8 million. After five years, across the UK up to 100 stillbirths could be prevented each year.

Click here (PDF) to read the full report produced by TAMBA

Click here to watch Professor Asma Khalil on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme (clip starts at 26mins) with mum Michelle and her twin boys George and Tommy in the studio, while Indre and partner Andy Skyped into the programme from Gwillim Ward at St George’s two days after giving birth to twin girls Abigaile and Gabriele.

The story was also reported by The TimesDaily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, ITV News as well as multiple regional press from across the UK while clinical trade press – Infant, Royal College of Midwives and the British Journal of Midwifery – is expected later this month.

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